The Vision of the Temple Shalom Foundation is to be the trusted entity for the stewardship of the Legacy Fund and to provide a stable, predictable source of operating funds to ensure the long term viability of the Colorado Springs Jewish Community.


The Mission of the Temple Shalom Foundation is to build a source of recurring revenue t for Temple Shalom. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through investment activities, collaborative fundraising, and responsible stewardship.


To promote financial health and growth of the Legacy Fund

To provide quarterly financial support for Temple Shalom operations

To make every effort to increase the Legacy Fund’s long-term investment year-over-year





Our operating processes are clearly represented in records/reports of our activities, and are readily available to our stakeholders


Annual reports are made available to our beneficiary and donors, and the Board is accountable to them


The Board fosters an environment of collaboration and communication among stakeholders, leverages professional expertise, and has established proper oversight procedures

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Temple Shalom Foundation

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