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For one-time, or multi-year donations, please complete and submit this pledge form. This will ensure we properly acknowledge your donation and commitment to the
Colorado Springs Jewish Community.

Please consider completing this simple Bequest form so you can express your wishes to family members, as well as letting the Temple Shalom Foundation recognize you for your generous commitment of a meaningful gift after your lifetime.

How to remember the Temple Shalom Foundation in your will


Leaving a gift for the TBS Foundation in your will is as easy as this sentence:


I give to the Temple Shalom Foundation, a nonprofit charitable and religious corporation located in
Colorado Springs, Colorado, _________________ (insert a dollar amount, percentage [%] of estate,
or a description of the property to bequeath) for its general purposes.


‚ÄčYou can also add a codicil to a completed will to include the the Temple Shalom Foundation. (Doing this requires a notary to certify the signatures of two witnesses. Contact your attorney for details.)

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