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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Fund?


The Legacy Fund is an investment tool established to ensure the long term financial wellbeing of Temple Shalom. It is now managed exclusively by the Temple Shalom Foundation.


What is the Temple Shalom Foundation?


The Temple Shalom Foundation is a separate non-profit organization, from Temple Shalom, which was born from the need to focus on long-term growth and higher than typical annual investment returns. In addition, as a separate 501(c)(3) organization, a uniquely qualified board of directors was established whose sole purpose is making investment strategy decisions and policies in the best interest of that fund. The sole beneficiary of the annual contribution of the earnings is Temple Shalom, and per the bylaws that cannot change.


I want to make a donation today to the Legacy Fund, how do I do that?


Simply provide us with a check made out to “Temple Shalom Foundation – Legacy Fund”, “Foundation”, or simply “Legacy Fund”. You can also pay by credit card through the Temple Shalom Foundation website donation page, or even the Temple Shalom donation page that is specifically identified as being for the Legacy Fund.


I want to make a recurring donation, or transfer other assets such as stocks to the Legacy Fund, how do I do that?


  1. For recurring donations, please use the contact information below; you can also find information on multi-year pledges at
  2. An information handout is available that provides guidance on stock transfers and wires. It also provides contact information for Steve Post, Senior Portfolio Manager at Investment Trust, the leader of the investment management team retained by the Temple Shalom Foundation to grow the Legacy Fund.


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?


  1. Dan Mirer, Legacy Fund/Foundation Contact – (c) 719-963-7526



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