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President Danny Schnee
Treasurer / Secretary Dan Mirer
Board Member Dick Taxman
Board Member Marvin Strait
Board Member Susan Mellow
Elayna Rathmann Executive Director
Randy Karsh Legal Counsel
Steven E Post, CFP

Senior Vice President /
    Director of Portfolio Management

Foundation Board members have a knowledge of all reasonably available and pertinent information before taking action. The Board acts in good faith, with the care of an ordinarily prudent businessperson in similar circumstances, and in a manner he or she reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the organization.
Foundation Board members candidly discharge their duties in a manner designed to benefit only the Temple Shalom Foundation, not the individual interests of the Board. It incorporates the duty to disclose situations that may present a potential for conflict with the organization’s mission, as well as a duty to avoid competition with the organization.
Foundation Board members ensure that the organization’s decisions and activities adhere to its fundamental purpose and mission, as stated in its articles of incorporation and bylaws.
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Temple Shalom Foundation

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